King Distributors was incorporated forty-three years ago at 245 Stuyvesant Avenue in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Founded by Anthony Cifune and with the help of his three sons and to date three generations, the corporation has modernized and reinvented itself to grow with constantly changing markets.

Distributors of convenience store supplies such as candies, soft drinks, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco products, paper and packaging products, health and beauty aids our objective is to provide the best quality product at the best possible price. Our intention always was and always will be to assist our retailers and wholesalers in the convenience store supply chain to navigate changing market sentiment and legal requirements.

King Distributors strives to stay on the cutting edge of information and value in the delivery of profitability to the retail sector. The ability to create a seamless flow of product from manufacturers to consumers, maximizing freshness, value and profitability has been cultivated through three generations.

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